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How do I set up an Algo SIP alerter?

How do I set up an Algo SIP alerter?

In order to set up an Algo SIP Alerter, you’ll first you'll need the IP address of your phone! If you don't know how to find your device's IP address, you can follow these links for help:

Advanced IP scanner for Windows

Lanscan for Mac

Once you have the IP address of your Algo SIP Alerter, type it into your browser and the Algo's Web Interface will appear. You will need your <SIP_Username>, <SIP_Password> and host <>.
This information can be found in your dashboard under Users.

Below is a screenshot of where you would enter your SIP user credentials for the Algo SIP Alerter to ring at the same time as an extension - a popular choice for factories, warehouses or building sites where they would not be able to hear an ordinary phone!

Algo SIP Alerter

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